We're working on a new album! So many songs to come, new sound, amazing energy.  

Love - Zappien





Canadian Music Week 2014!

Coming to Canadian Music Week 2014 

MAY 7 - Hard Rock Cafe - TORONTO

Check out our CMW profile here:



ZAPPIEN Going to Canadian Music Week 2014 to play at Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto

Happy 2014!


Best wishes to you and yours for 2014 from ZAPPIEN!

And wait... we have a lot brewing for you this year. Cheers!


ZAPPIEN in Montreal Metro



Christmas is here!

Christmas is already here! Have an awesome one!


Remember what it's all about: LOVE, love, Love, lOvE etc etc


Give someone a helping hand, make someone smile, give hugs, kisses, cuddle your loved ones, give that person you miss a call, give that person you know misses you a call, make someone's day! 


Don't forget to get your FREE download here!


Merry Christmas to you and yours!



We are now on VEVO!

Yes! Our new video My Love Is In Jacksonville is now on the Premium Content Channel VEVO. 

If you're in Montréal come celebrate with us! We're having a TOTALLY FREE show at Casa del Popolo this November 3 @ 8:30 PM... We will have an awesome show with awesome music, rock & roll guests The Rebel Boogies and amazingly beautiful Paula Davis coming on stage to sing with us a few tunes.

See you there!


My Love Is In Jacksonville Teaser Video

Watch a sneak peek at the first version of My Love Is In Jacksonville to be released September 26 2013 @8pm ! BELOW:


Jacksonville! Help us with our new video for My Love Is In Jacksonville!


You live in Jacksonville? Film yourself singing along to My Love Is In Jacksonville and send it to us, we'll send you a gift if selected and most importantly, you're going to be in our video!

More details



Wake Up Tour Kick Off


We kick off our WAKE UP TOUR 2013/2014 this SATURDAY JULY 27, 2013 in OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA

Come get your socks knocked off! 

Release of If You Can Find Me... Again

After lots of re-scheduling, finally the release date of our special-edition video "If You Can Find Me...again" which will go to and VEVO will happen...




July 24, 2013!


Thank you for your awesome support!

Support Indie TV!

Yes, we're at it again supporting amazing Independent Artists!

Check out the awesome independent TV Show Werewoman. They're on YouTube right now with their first episode and they have now an IndieGogo campaign which we urge you to support!

Click below and watch the episode, contribute and more!


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